My work deals with the relationship between the image, its visual representation and objects, questioning through painting that relationship. A process that allows me to spend painting this object and two-dimensional again. Such dialogue was treated with solutions close to naturalism, not only as a reference document but also emphasizing their status as definitive pictorial device and "traditional" on the wall.

In my installations painting is protagonist, is the focus of all the artistic experience, adapting to new spaces changing its original meaning, is why is transformed and incorporated into objects or enclosed within them, a point where the story and the issues go to the background.

Often incorporated intimate or collective through images of the human body (nudes, portraits) references, evoking the existing paradoxical sense of: life and death, the real and the simulated, the superficial and deep.

For years my paintings have been torn, cut, woven, encased, perforated, disguised and inserted in precise spaces, have made victims of specific art projects, I attacked with the most unusual pigments, each of these actions depending on the main idea.

I can not imagine the painting as a display surface alone, but as a field of visual and object-based visual experiences, where space and the viewer are protagonists.

Stages, influences, materials and techniques:

My influences have been mixed. In the early 90's my painting had a very strong graphic component (Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg and Cuban design of the 60's), I used to be objetualizaban repeatedly recognized symbols.